British Masters Swimming Champs 2017

Hello troops!! Welcome to a cheeky little 2nd edition of June’s Chinwag…. A wee update on how the British Champs went for the team!! 😁

Aberdeen was the place to be last weekend, with the British Masters Swimming Championships being held in the amazing facilities at The Aberdeen Sports Village. Five of our awesome swimmers made the journey up north to take part in the competition over the 3 days. 

Friday saw Trudy take on the 1500m freestyle and she did so in style with a cracker of a pb!! Andrew and Ashleigh took on the 100m backstroke, no PBs to be found there however Andrew did find himself in second place brining home some silverware! The evening session saw 2 outstanding performance from our Kyran in his 50m breaststroke and 200m IM which saw him sealing 3rd place in both!! 

The 2nd day of racing saw Graeme Hunter get involved in the action, he took part in the 100m free, 50m free and the  50m fly, in which he picked up a silver and a bronze medal!! 

More magnificent performances came from Trudy in her 400m free, a wee PB from Ashleigh in her 50m back and 50m fly, Andrews fabby time in his 100m free and Kyran’s silver medal came in his 100m breast!! 

By the end of day 3 we had a knackered Trudy and Andrew, who had just completed their 800m free and an awesome combination of around 5 PBs and a fantastic 7 medals for the Perth bunch!! 

For those of you who enjoy fishing, there was an outstanding catch for Andrew in the pool! 😂 He managed to hook himself an athlete using banana as bait… Don’t believe me? Check out the photo evidence coming up!!

Hahahaha!!! Told you so!!!

Phew…. After all that typing I think I need a weekend off 😜 Arn’t you a lucky bunch though, getting a 2nd June Chinwag in the same month 😉

Enjoy what’s left of the weekend!! 

Over and out!! 
PS. Keep your eyes peeled on your emails for info on the cost of kit that has been ordered!! 

Now really…

Over and out!!!


Chairperson’s Chinwag June 2017



I hope all is well with you wonderful fish like people! I hope everyone has had, or has planned for the near future, some awesome summer holiday trips…


I’ll start this month’s Chinwag by letting you all know that my super dooper exciting 12hr swim has been cancelled

😦 Boooo!!

Not only could we not come up with a team but it appears some of the other clubs are also out, so unfortunately it had to be called off- I am secretly happy about this 😀 It means we’re not missing out on an amazing swim to France in the middle of Saturday night!


We have 5 brave souls making there way up north next weekend to take part in th British Masters Championships!!! How awesome is that??!! We were unable to get a Perth Masters relay team sorted in time for the deadline date but just to have swimmers heading off to represent our club is fantastic!!

Good luck to all involved! Have fun and swim fast!!

Everyone… Please remember to check out our Facebook and Twitter feeds for updates on the journey over the weekend of the 16th – 18th June! Remember guys- get those fingers busy with likes, favourites, retweets and shares pleeease 😀


Sooo… time to get down to business people! This next part needs a response from you!! Please read and reply!!!







Trudles and I have been checking out club kit for a while now.

We’re looking at;

+ navy blue polo shirts

+ navy blue hoodys

+ navy blue shorts


Kit will be embroidered with the same thistle logo as previous club kit, however we’re hoping to have ‘Perth Masters’, written above the thistle logo and ‘Swim Club’, written below the emblem.

The swim cap design will also remain the same.


At the moment we don’t have exact prices for each of the items as we are waiting for info about the embroidery. However here are rough price estimates;

+ Polos – £17

+ Hoodys – £27

+ Shorts – £17

+ Caps – £6


We aren’t looking for exact orders yet, however we are interested in finding out who would like what?

Anyone who is interested in purchasing some of our club kit, please reply by Tuesday 13th June. Ither by email, Wats app or by speaking to me or Trudy directly.

We can then let the company know roughly how many items we wish to order and if we’re lucky, they might even apply a small discount on our order!!


I think that’s all for tonight troops!!


Hopefully we’ll see you all tomorrow for some dooking and diving at the pool!!




Over and out 😀