August Chinwag

Hello there to all of you pool troopers!!


Training has been fairly quiet over the holiday period… I hope you’ve all enjoyed some time off or time away! We look forward to seeing everyone back to training and some kind of normality resuming over the next couple of weeks!! 

Please keep your eyes peeled on the new kit some of us have purchased 😀 

Trudy did a grand job getting us all organised with the correct items we ordered!! If anyone sees anything they think they might like please get in touch with Trudy or myself. We have a minimum order number so you might have a wee wait before we can put an order away but hey… Nice kit comes to those who wait! 🙂

Just a wee reminder to everyone about the Greenock meet in September. It’s the most fun and relaxed event we’ve found on the swimming calender so far, and the last few years have been really successful for the club. Its the weekend of the 9th September. For more info and to enter visit Inverclyde Masters website. Feel free to ask those who have already attended about how awesome the weekend is!! 


Or you’ll miss out!! 

Hope that’s clear enough!!!

Also, once you’ve entered, please let Andrew Bailey, Trudy or myself know. Just so we can get relay teams organised!! 😉

Much appreciated!!

Thanks for reading all!!

See you tomorrow!!

Good night,