Chairperson’s Chinwag- Sept 2017

Well hello to everyone!

I’ve found myself failing in the Chinwag department this year… Gone are the days where you got a magical email every month! (Phew, some of you are probably saying! :D)

However…. This is nearly the end of September and I haven’t been in touch with you all about the success of our ‘smaller than normal team’ in Greenock, at the Annual Inverclyde meet, which took place at the start of the month. So here goes….

With our team only 8 strong we weren’t sure how things were going to pan out for us. We’ve been pretty successful with top 3 finishes over the last 2 years but in the past we’ve taken many more swimmers! On the Friday evening; Trudy, Nikki, Sandy, Steve, Andrew, Kyran and Ashleigh kick started the event with fantastic swims in the 800m Free! Everyone was pretty pleased with their performances and an extra shout has to go out to our Trudles- who had done next to no training in the month leading up to the gala and was feeling a wee bit diseased for the few days before the gala!!

You can bet where the troops ended up after the 800m Free… And if you can’t guess, you’d best get your butts along to next years competition and you’ll soon find out!!! #NotInThePub #WeAreAthletes


Saturday’s action came thick and fast. We had meet records from Sandy, and the amazing Julie had come along to join us at her first ever gala! She blew everyone away with huge PBs in all 5 events she took part in! There were ribbons galore at the lunch table!!

Saturday evening brought a fandabbydossie social night!! Good food was involved, as well as an awards ceremony and a ceilidh! Our Trudles, managed to finish 3rd in her age group over all, Sandy finished as a winner in his age group and Kyran and Ashleigh also took their age group titles.

Soooo….. where did Perth Masters end up over all I hear you ask? Well….. (drumroll please….)

THIRD!!!! 😀 Yeeeaaaaah!

Amazing!! A huge well done to everyone who took part! What a brilliant effort from you all over the whole of the weekend!!

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Rightio… On to matters new…..

As you will have probably heard, the pool with be closing for a week to recieve a nice wee refurbishment! This means no training for us on the 31st October and the 2nd of Novemeber.  Trudy has kindly organised a lane for us, in Stirling on Tues 31st from 8 – 10pm. The pool will be 50m 🙂 ooooohhhhh!!! However, please get in touch with Trudy or myself, to confirm your intentions to go. We only have the one lane and we want to make sure it’s fun for everyone so spaces may be limited!



Next on my agenda- Swim meets.

The Scottish Masters 1500m Short Course Championships are in Edinburgh at the Commonwealth pool. It’s on the 4th November. Any other mentalists who which to join our Trudy and Nikki, please feel free to get in touch with them or Google about how to enter etc.

There is a gala in November in Prestonpans (Edinburgh-ish). Andrew and I have been the only ones to attend the meet from our club for the last 2 years. Its a good day, although the poolside is can be chilly. We leave Sat am and return in the evening. (Psssstt… There’s medals for each individual event!!!) Its Saturday the 18th Nov this year. Again, anyone interested in entering, get in touch with Andrew or Ashleigh.


Well guys, I think I’ll end it there. It must be just about supper time!!

Just a wee note before I go. Please don’t leave us just because the nights are getting darker… Get wrapped up cosy and get down to the pool for a nice training session and a good bleather! And remember, lets keep with the blue shoes or the shoes off in the changing areas, especially as the weathers getting a tad winter like.


Thanks for reading everyone!


Peace out…….. from your friendly neighbourhood Chairperson.