Chairperson’s Chinwag- May edition 2018

Well hello there everyone!

Let me introduce myself! I am Ashleigh! Mother of one dragon, chairperson of Perth Masters Swimming Club and a very disorganised author of the ‘Chairperson’s Chinwag’!

Last time you received such a quality article would have been February 😮😂😂 I can only apologise for my lack of communication, things have been awfully busy recently… 🙄

It’s been fantastic to see several new faces in the pool! The newbies who have come along to train have hung on in there and have reappeared at several sessions! 😀👍 Whoohooo!! Stay with us guys, just remember your membership forms (which you’ll find on the website) along with payment info!

A huge well done to coach Roddy who has completed his Level 1 coaching qualification! 🏊🎓 Roddy enjoyed it so much he has immediately enrolled in the Level 2 course 👍😀 Fab job Roddy! Thanks so much for you time and effort and also for those awesome technique sets you’ve been throwing at us on Thursday nights!!

In other news….

Only 3 brave swimmers made it to the Scottish Short Course Championships in Tollcross last month… Steve, Jules M and Sandy went along and gave it everything!

Sandy completed his 200m breast in a time of 4.14’30 placing 2nd in that race.

Jules, getting a fantastic 3rd place finish in her 200m freestyle in a time 3.08’16.

And oor Steve, falling in love with the 100m fly 😂 (hehehe) in a time of 1.40’92.

Well done to you all for smashing your swims and representing our club at the Champs!! 💪 Whoop whoop!!

Next… To our very own Nikki Murphy! Our local globe trotter has been away in the miserable country of Spain 😕 I mean really, it’s only 24°C over there, with a water temperature of around 20°C, the sun in the sky….. Meanwhile she’s been missing out on the gloriously crystal clear water of Perth Leisure Pool at the wonderfully cosy temperature of 29°C…..

Hmmmm 😑 I think I know where I’d rather be 😉

Seriously though, Nikki has been pulling off some awesome swims!! She completed a 9km charity swim (in the sea!!) in an amazing time of 2hours and 47mins! She has been competing in the pool also alongside her Spanish team mates and managing some podium place finishes in the relays! Nikki says she’s coming home in about 10 days but I’m sure when I checked her schedule she’s still to do a 5.8km Oceanman swim round an island AND round one swim of the Cup of Spain??!! Jesooo!! I’m knackered thinking about all of that!! All we have to say to you Nikki is.. Well done!! 💪 You are awesome and we are very impressed!! 😉

Please, on your way home could you bottle up the Spanish ‘Nikki Swim Faster Juice’ for us though…. I feel I’m in desperate need of a bottle of motivation 😉👍

Also, I would like to send a big thanks to Andrew Bailey who has been sourcing and keeping us informed of different galas happening in the Masters world on the Whats App chat! Not always do you get responses from us Andrew, but it’s great to click the links and dream of the medals we could be winning all over the world!! Thank you! 👍

Another thank you, to our Tech Guru McManus… He has been busy busy busy on his computer working on a nice update for the website… The update hasn’t gone live yet, but when it does it should look cleaner and work much better on mobile devices! I shall inform you all when the website changes!

Next to talk about, is our summer social… Kyran sent out a survey Via the What’s App chat for everyone to pick their preferred date in July for a family club social.
The survey was sent out after the AGM in February and of the 32 participants in the group chat a whole 8 responses were recieved!! Wow… 😳
Anyway, the preferred date is Sat 14th July!

You’ll be please to hear I have managed to book the sunshine for the day 👌 yippeee!! The social will be at Quarrymill. All you need to do is write the date on your calendar, bring the family, bring your own food and drink and relax!! There are fire/BBQ pits there already so closer to the time we’ll get organised with the necessary fire starting equipment 😀

Don’t worry troops… We are nearing the end of this short story!!! Stay with me!!

Greenock 21/09/18!! Get it in your diary’s! It’s the only gala over the last few years that a large number of the team have gone along to and taken part at…. It’s such good fun, friendly, great value for money and usually we come away having been pretty successful!! Some of us travel through on the Friday, swim the 800m freestyle on the Fri evening and then we stay till the Sunday. After the gala on the Saturday, Inverclyde Masters usually put on food and a Ceilidh which is always great fun! If your considering a gala this year, you should definitely aim for this one!!

So far I think the rota has been working well for our Tuesday night training! We’ve had loads of variety with the different sets! I will do another rota following on from what is on the notice board and if anyone else would like to join in and be coach for one night only please let me know and I’ll add you in… 👍😀

And finally 😂 Last, but not least….. The notice board!!

Yes, it is my job to decorate it and make it look pretty… Yes it has been over a year since I took the job of ‘decorating the board’ and yes, it’s blank and looks exactly like it did a year ago!!! I want to make it eye catching, I said I would, I haven’t but I will… 🙄 Honestly… I’m getting to it!!

Well there you go. Another month, another Chinwag. I hope this hasn’t been too boring for you all!!!

Thanks for reading! And remember…

We swim because we are too sexy for a sport which requires clothes!!! 😉😂

Over and out troops! See you Tuesday!!


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