Chairperson’s Chinwag- The first of 2019 (Jan)

Kyran beating Ashleigh in backstroke 😉
Well hello troops!!

I hope everyone has had an awesome festive period! I certainly have! Spoiled from friends and family, eaten tons, drunk loads and now it’s time to return to ‘Fish mode’ 🙂 whoopee!

Oooh… As I am typing we have just had a second mini power cut!! Darkness was upon us there!! But only for a couple of seconds- I knew going into the attic was a bad idea earlier :-O Spooooky!!!

Anyway… You’ll be pleased to hear I don’t have too much info for you just now, so this should be short and sweet!

Firstly, we missed our Christmas social this year! We (believe it or not) did vote on a date way back at a meeting at the end of summer time but unfortunately it slipped by us all! So.. maybe at training we could have a wee informal chat and a vote on a wee bevy session at the start of February when people have been re-aquainted with ‘pay day’!!

It’s almost time to get organised for our AGM. Yeaa!! We need as many people as possible to attend our AGM. We’ve had a few of the same people doing the same jobs in the club for a while now and it’s only fair we all take a wee turn in doing a wee job every now and then! Also, we love to hear fresh ideas and input whilst we’re discussing things so please, when you hear the date- which will probably be in February sometime. Get along and get involved!!

Our events guru Andrew.B has been keeping us posted on swim comps happening all over the UK on our WhatsApp chat. Remember if there’s something you fancy, let everyone know so that we can get involved, share lifts and accomodation etc.

The next big event that more of us should consider this year, is the Scottish Masters Championships. It’s happening Friday 19th April and Saturday 20th April. I’m almost sure it’s at the commonwealth pool in Edinburgh.. Mr.B will confirm that for us!

Kyran, Nikki, Julie, Andrew.B and I had an awesome session on Thursday! A lane all to ourselves as well! I hope we’ll see more people back to it on Tuesday though!!

And guess what??! That’s all for tonight folks! I said short and sweet and that’s what you got!!

Actually, one last thing! The new rota is on the WhatsApp chat! I will get it printed off and on the notice board asap!! If anyone wants to be added to it, taken from it or needs a swap please get in touch!

Thanks for your time guys!

Enjoy what’s left of the weekend!

Over and out Fish Peeps.