Chairperson’s Chinwag- February

Hey troops!!

I hope we are all well!! I can’t believe we are 2 months through the year already! Where the time has gone?!! The pool has been looking busier in the evenings and we have some new faces in the pool which is great to see!
Our club AGM was held about 3 weeks ago and minutes will be written up and available for anyone who is interested in having a read of them in depth…. HOWEVER….. Here are a few of the more important things for everyone to note from the meeting =D
1- Most importantly- MEMBERSHIP!! Trudy has the very important job of getting us all organised and signed up to SASA. Please get online to our website, download and fill out your membership form and get it back to myself or Trudy ASAP!
Then comes the painful part….. Paying your money, we need the money to the club by Tuesday please guys =) Club BACS info is on the form if you wish to bank transfer. Just remember to put your name on as the reference so we know you’ve paid!
Much appreciated guys!!
2- Next….. We have a follow up meeting on Tuesday 6th March at 8.30pm just to confirm and go over dates, locations and organisers for the social events that were suggested at the AGM. Anyone welcome to come along, just be prepared to be given a job!!! Whoohoooo =D
3- Lastly….. Coaching! At the meeting, we decided on doing a rota for Tuesday nights.
Coach Erin has gone to a new job working shifts, and we thought it would be helpful for all swimmers if we have someone poolside to provide the session and give hints and tips where needed!
Those who agreed to coach have been included on the rota. It’s completed up until the end of May so far, and you’ll find it on the notice board (beside lift) at the pool. I’ll take a photo and send it on the Wats app for everyone too.
Please get in touch if you are on the rota and can’t make your night and we’ll get a wee swap organised! Also if you fancy a shot on poolside, let me know and I’ll get you added in!
P.s. Coach Erin will make some surprise
appearances when she can, so NO slacking people!! =D
Phewww… And breathe guys!! That’s the boring and important stuff over!!
Before we move on though….
Remember, Trudy has my permission to throw flippers at anyone who does not complete and return membership forms asap!!
Keep your eyes peeled on the club notice board guys! I said last year I would make it pretty…. I failed!! It looks the same, but with less on it than when I agreed to fix it up!!
This year however, by the middle of march, I will do my best to have it looking a wee bit more eye catching and exciting!
OK, on a more exciting note… events and competitions!
Check out the long course training camp. It’s on the 10/3/18 at Tollcross and it’s for 2 days. Our very own Trudles went to a training day earlier on in January and she thought it was brilliant! Trudy has already booked herself into this camp for the weekend so anyone wanting more info, check it out on the Scottish Swimming website and have a wee word with her!!
The Scottish National Short Course Championships are 20/4/18 for 2 days. Our competition guru Mr Andrew.B has informed us this event may be rather busy due to other things going on in the swimming calender, however it’s a great one to get a starting point for the year. It’s also on Scottish Swimming website for you!
Inverclyde Masters is our favourite event of the year!! It’s on 21/9/18 for 2 days. This is the friendliest and most fun event we have found so far! More details to come closer to the time, but basically it’s a full on, crazy, fast paced weekend of racing, dancing and drinking!! Some of the troops go on Friday and return on the Sunday. All I can say is, get your holidays in now guys!!
I know that was very brief couple of events I’ve popped up there but our Andrew has been very good at keeping us up to date with different competitions from different locations in the UK. There always getting posted on our Facebook or on Wats app so please keep yourself in the loop!!
Wow… If anyone has managed to get to the end of this chinwag, congratulations!!
It’s only taken me 3 days to write!!! =P
I’m off for now!! Have a great weekend troops and we’ll see you on Tuesday evening for another dose of pain from another kind, volunteer coach!!


Again, thanks for reading guys!!
Over and out!